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Thomas Claiborne Creasy was a local business man and prominent citizen of Gretna when he bought a large plot of acreage in the center of town in the year of 1880 as the future site of his home. The house was constructed by Thomas Claiborne Creasy and his younger brother Robert H Creasy with the help of an architect and friend of the Creasy’s, R.C. Burkholder, from the nearby town of Lynchburg. Construction of the beautiful Victorian was completed around 1883 and functioned as the home for Thomas and his wife Eliza Lavalette Elliot. The Creasy family grew through the years with the arrival of their children Maud Elliot Creasy and Arthur E. Creasy. After the deaths of Thomas and Eliza, the house was passed down to their daughter Maud and her husband Stover H. Creasy. In 1923, the couple added an addition to the front of the house by expanding it outwards and while maintaining the traditional wrap around porch. The Thomas Claiborne Creasy home continued to be passed down through the Creasy generations. In 2007 Cecil Arthur Creasy, great grandson of Thomas Claiborne Creasy, inherited the family home from his two Aunts where he spent much of his summers as a child. Cecil Creasy carefully restored the house while maintaining its historic integrity as well as renamed the house to The Lavalette house in honor of his great grandmother and his aunt Lavalette. After the restoration of the house was complete, Mr. Creasy transformed the house into a restaurant in 2011 known as J.T’s at the Lavalette. Dining at J.T’s at the Lavalette provides an atmosphere of enjoying big family meals with loved ones. It truly is a special dining experience which takes its customers back to a simpler time.

So please, accept our invitation and join our family tradition with dinner on the porches or maybe next to one of the eleven fire places.  Enjoy the curtesy of our polite wait staff as you indulge in nineteenth century hospitality.  WELCOME.